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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 and Basic Making Money Tips

Welcome to Basics.

If you are new to or just need some tips in order to help boost your earnings, you have come to the right place. is a link shortening service similar to which shortens a link such as into

This service not only makes it easier for you to post your links, but also pays you for everyone that clicks on it. Currently pays up to $.050 to $4.00 for 1000 clicks of your link.

You maybe thinking "$.050 that's only pennies", or "how can I ever get 1000 clicks on my links." I'll address those 2 questions below.

Earning pennies isn't much money?

My payment from last month. Pennies can really add up fast.
Pepe - Paypal Payment
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1000 clicks? Sounds impossible!

The main concern with most everyone using is TRAFFIC, and how to get more traffic to click on their links. This is always a complicated question to answer because as everyone knows, it's not easy to generate your own traffic without a lot of long, hard work. BUT there are ways where you can USE traffic from other sources. Another thing to consider is that pays you for up to 5 visits from the SAME PERSON. This means that if you have 5 links and the person clicks on all of them, you will get paid for all 5 visits! So, basically, you will not need 1000 people to visit your links as long as you have multiple links for your visitor to click, thus you will need less people to reach that 1000 clicks. I will list below, several ways to use traffic from other sources to help increase clicks to your links.

Youtube traffic

This is probably the most well-known method to generate traffic. The easiest method would be to find popular videos that are receiving a lot of views on Youtube. Download the videos to your computer using one of the many free Youtube downloading sites or software. Re-upload the videos to your own Youtube account and title it similarly, or as close as possible to the original up loaders title. This method will get you views for your links posted below the clips, but I will go one step further to help you get the maximum amount of views.

Step 1. Choose 3-4 videos in a certain genre (example: Breaking News). Download these videos and then re-upload them to your Youtube account, BUT, set only one of those videos to "public", the others set them to "unlisted". The reason for this is that if ALL of your videos are "public", all one has to do is to check out your channel page and they can watch all of your videos without having to click on any links.
Step 2. Create links to all of the "unlisted" videos.
Step 3. Under the "public" video, post a caption like this "Breaking News story #2 etc... and then add your links below the clip. If your "public" video is popular, you will definitely get views on your other videos, which means you will be getting clicks.
Step 4. Rinse and repeat steps 1-3 using different videos from different genre (comedy, fails, songs etc)
Step 5. Now go to your channel page. On the left column you will be able to add all of your links and descriptions. (use the old channel view, the new one sucks IMO)

If you decide to go the Youtube route, don't just stop with 3-4 videos (one genre). Try and find as many different genre videos to list. If you can generate just 100 clicks from your 3-4 "News" videos a day, you can generate 1000 clicks from 10 different other genres, right?

Forum traffic

Another easy method getting traffic from other sources is to post your links on forums, news boards etc. This is pretty self-explanatory and doesn't need much explaining.

Craigslist traffic

This is probably the FASTEST way to get clicks and traffic. Now, getting Craigslist traffic is not as easy as just posting your links in ads. Craigslist has banned the use of in posts. However, all is not lost because I will show you an easy way to utilize Craigslist and it's millions of views per day. Popular items can earn 1000's of hits a day during the life of the ad. My method has worked extremely well and is only limited to the amount of ads you place. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if one post can bring you 1000 hits a day then 10 posts can bring you 10,000 hits a day. Join me below and learn my method of using Craigslist traffic to boost your Adfly income.

Of course I do not condone posting fake ads on Craigslist, and this is being shown only as an example of how to generate Craigslist traffic to your links. That being said...

*Note: The tips listed above are just basic techniques that you can use to increase clicks. Read below for information on how you can learn the advanced techniques that help me earn $100's per month!

You can join with me here.


ImageTwist  is free image hosting website. You can upload your images and share them with your friends in an easy way. In addition to that you can make money sharing your images.

Pepe - Imagetwist
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Same site like but offer better CPM rates. offers better rates than and they DO pay! Solid, easy to use, smooth interface and nice graphics. An excellent addition to Linkbucks, you can join here. Again, after joining, shoot me an email to let me know your sign-up info and I'll be glad to help you get started!

See sample how turn

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